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The Law Office of Steven Barentzen

I represent plaintiffs and defendants in unique and complex commercial disputes, both large and small. I have successfully represented clients in courts and other tribunals around the country in many different areas of the law including trademark infringement, professional malpractice, government contracts, fraud, breach of contract, theft of trade secrets, defamation, securities and employment disputes.

My clients are a diverse spectrum of businesses and individuals and include government contractors, investment companies, IT companies, hedge funds, a class of medical residents, an immigration services company, the New York Stock Exchange, a construction company, religious charities, a Sonoma County winemaker, a regional wireless telephone company, the former Pakistani ambassador to the United States, a member of the Palestinian Parliament and a well-known rapper.

I treat each case as a unique matter. I always take time to fully understand my clients' goals, and I craft an individualized litigation strategy that is best suited to meet those goals. I continually reevaluate and, if necessary, readjust that strategy as the case progresses. As a small firm, I am able to be more flexible, nimble and innovative than attorneys at the larger firms that I am often up against.  Because I keep my overhead low, I am able to provide this superior level of servcie at a fraction of the cost of larger firms.  As a result, I am proud that on several occassions I have been retained by clients to replace other attorneys at larger firms who have failed to meet their expectations.

For the past five years, from 2014 through 2018, I have been recognized by SuperLawyers as one of the top civil litigators in Washington, DC.