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“We are incredibly grateful for Steve’s dedication and hard work.  His mastery of the law combined with his deep understanding of the facts and background of our case enabled him to be two steps ahead of everyone else.  It was reassuring to know that we had not only the best attorney in the room, but also the attorney who had best prepared to represent his clients and get the right result.”

Client of Steven Barentzen

"We could not have asked for anyone better than Steve to represent our position in the difficult international arbitration case that we were involved in. Steve is an extremely dedicated, very thorough professional and will ensure that no stones are left unturned while preparing and representing the case.  He is very quick in understanding the facts, provides detailed analysis and well thought out recommendations for the client to consider while pursuing the case.  He is always accessible even when we were in different time zones half way across the world."

Client of Steven Barentzen

"Steve took a matter that had been mishandled by a large law firm and brought it to a quick resolution. Along the way he did a good job of managing expectations, assessing issues and working through the process. Highly recommend Steve."

Client of Steven Barentzen

"Steven has represented me and various entities I am/was involved with on a variety of issues for more than ten years. Beyond his ample skills as an attorney, he is always professional, honest, and reasonable in his billing. Steven exhibits true loyalty to his clients and will work tirelessly to advocate their best interests. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Client of Steven Barentzen

“I am an experienced civil trial attorney (30 years’ experience) who recently had the pleasure of working with Steve Barentzen in a hotly contested, complex litigation. I served as Steve’s local counsel.  I found Steve to be well organized, focused and extremely knowledgeable about the law as well as federal civil procedure.

In addition to Steve’s legal research and writing skills, Steve has an amazing presence in Court.  He is concise, poised and well-prepared.  During several oral arguments before the Court, Steve clearly impressed the judge with his knowledge of the law, facts and ability to respond to the judge’s questions (both on the underlying facts and the law).

I also witnessed the rapport that Steve developed with his clients.  He gave his clients precise reports, outlining his theories for the case and recommendations on how to proceed.  Since I was privy to the communications between Steve and his clients, I can attest to how much his clients appreciated being kept informed, involved and a part of the litigation process.

I highly recommend Steve for civil commercial litigation.”

Co-Counsel with Steven Barentzen

"Our company has utilized the expertise of Steve Barentzen Law Firm for several years.  Steve has represented us on both federal and commercial litigation as well as contract negotiations.  Steve is a “hands on” attorney.  I’ve always admired his ability to manage every detail without getting bogged down.  He understands the true value of his client’s time and thus, is as focused on keeping his client out of court as he is representing their rights.  But if you have to go to court, there is no one sharper.  The results for our company have been stellar."

Client of Steven Barentzen

"Steve has provided valuable legal counsel to our company for several years.  As an experienced trial attorney, he has deftly represented our company on critical matters that were resolved successfully in mediation rather than costly trials.  He is a skilled negotiator with an empathic nature and exceptional ability to quickly assess the qualities of a legal argument or position, regardless of the subject matter.  He is a closer and follows through consistently and persistently on his commitments."

Client of Steven Barentzen

“Steve Barentzen is dedicated, professional and results-driven.  From the minute Steve took our case, he was 100% on it!  He's always accessible and his turn around is fast and smart.  Most importantly, Steve strategically planned each move and executed the tactics to achieve a very positive end goal professionally and ethically.  We were 100% happy with the results.”

Client of Steven Barentzen

“Steve is a very experienced trial lawyer who represents his clients competently and aggressively, but does not lose sight of the goal of securing the fastest route to a favorable resolution.”

Opposing Counsel to Steven Barentzen